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MOL Joins the National Climate Change Policy Committee Meeting No. 4/2022

Permanent Secretary of Labour Joins Runway for the International Thai Silk Fashion Week

Golden Opportunity for Thais as the Labour Minister Negotiates Labor Market Expansions in Australia

Labour Minister Gives Statement to ILO on Focus on Employment and Laying the Foundation for Labour Security and Restoring the Economy Post-COVID

Permanent Secretary of Labour Gives Interview About Workers Traveling to South Korea Under Increased Quota

MOL Joins Ceremony to Lay Flowers and Pay Homage on the Occasion of His Majesty The Late King’s Birthday, National Day, and Father’s Day on December 5, 2022

Labour Minister Pleased that Employees and Employers Thanked the Government for COVID-19 Support Giving Them Great Bonuses

Labour Minister Organizes “Shop for the Right Things … for the Right Person” Event and Launches an E-Catalog to Create Income for Informal Workers

Labour Minister Concerns for BMTA Employees Assigns DLPW to Use Good Labour Relations Principles to Find a Solution

Labour Minister Assigns Assistant to Commence Social Security Academic Conference to Elevate the Quality of Life for Workers in the Northern Economic and Tourism Sectors

MOL Spokesperson Leads Team to Congratulate Channel 7HD on the 55th Anniversary

Labour Minister Joins PM Delegation to Phetchabun to Create Social Security and Improve the Quality of Life for Agricultural Workers