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Changhua City, Office of Labour Affairs, Taipei made a documentary film to present working life of foreign worker.

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                In order to promote friendly treatment and more understanding of foreign workers among Changhua residents, Changhua government allocated budget to produce a 42-minute real life documentary film that presents working life and relationship between employers and workers recruited from Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam and each nation is presented by one worker. In this regard, the premiere show was on 22 December, 2010 at government building, Changhua city and first broadcasted Television program on 25-26 December,2010.



                 In the opening ceremony of the premiere show, Mr. Yangjhong, Deputy Governor of Changhua said that the production sector was substantially important to Changhua city and the development of production sector needed not only the labour force of local workers but the foreign workers as well. Currently, there are 25,865 foreign workers in Changhua city, of which 17,792 workers are in production sector and 8,037 are caretakers working in business plants and families by watching sick persons and elderly. As an city of hospitality and happiness, Changhua government; therefore, has made a documentary film about the lives of foreign workers such as living condition, working life and relationship among workers and employers in order to allow Changhua resident to recognize and understand the roles of foreign workers in solving labour shortage problem and lessening the burden of elderly take care in families. This aimed to promote friendly treatment among Changhua resident for foreign workers and to integrate the cultures as well as raising Taiwan’s human rights image.

  In this regard, Mr. Ruengsak Humpa, a 36-year old Thai worker from Waritchaphum, Sakon Nakhon province, selected to present in the film has 2 daughters and work at EA HWA Enterprise Industrial Company located Shengang township, Changhua county as a second entry. As regards, the HR manager said Mr. Ruengsak was hardworking, friendly, quick learner of work and Chinese language and he went along with the assignment as well as working professionally. Moreover, he was not in any allurement. For the earnings, he sent money back to his family and the remaining portion will be collected for purchasing plantation for planting rubber trees as his aspiration to own the rubber plantation after the completion of the contract.