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Labour Section of the Royal Thai Embassy in Tel-Aviv visited Thai workers and studied plant propagation in Israel

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             On 21 January 2011, Labour Section of the Royal Thai Embassy in Tel-Aviv went to inspect Thai workers and study Israeli plant propagation at Mosahav Gan Sorek in Rishon. The Moshav is owned by Mr. Suporon Aksidote.

               Mr. Suporon Aksidote runs a huge plant propagation business covering the area of 30,000 square meters, using various technique including cutting, and grating to create new plants. He propagates a wide variety of plants including avocado, mango, all kind of orange, custard apple, shesek or loquat, apple, and coffee plant. Most plants here are propagated by cutting technique. Only apple and orange are propagated by grafting technique.  Propagated plants can be sold for 700 shekel each. The owner has 3 millions plants altogether. He employs 10 Thai workers. An income per month of each worker is approximately 4,500 shekel. They have a good living condition. Their accommodation has adequate rooms and facilities for all the workers.

  Mr. Suporon Aksidote gave his view about the Israeli control system on foreign worker. He said that he does not agree with the government about its measure to allow a foreign worker in an agricultural sector to work for a fixed period of 63 months. Such a measure will not allow a worker to come back to work if he has worked in Israel for 63 months. He said Thai workers are sophisticated, like one of his men, Mr. Surasak Dejbua, who can propagate 600 plants through cutting and grafting techniques a day. Once these workers go home, it will be very hard for him to train new workers to be as good as them. Therefore, he would like Israeli government to nullify such a measure.