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MOL-MOF’s Ad Hoc Center in Egyptian-Libyan border’s Saloum Checkpoint sends another 8 Thai workers to Cairo

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Ministry of Labour-Ministry of Foreign Affairs’s Ad Hoc Center in Egyptian-Libyan border’s Saloum Checkpoint helps to send 8 Thai workers back home following spate of violence in riot-torn Libya.
            Mr. Chaiyot Yousub, Minister Counsellor of Office of Labour Affairs in Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh, continues his evacuation mission of Thai workers at the Ad Hoc Center in Egyptian-Libyan border’s Saloum Checkpoint. On 7 March 2011, 1 Thai worker from DAAM Company was helped to evacuate from Ras Lanug and on 8 March 2011, 7 Thai workers from Challenger Company were helped to evacuate from Benghazi. All of them were evacuated on vans arranged by their employers through Saloum Checkpoint.
            Ad Hoc Center’s staffs have arranged both meals and accommodation for 8 Thai workers, who are expected to arrive in Cairo on Wednesday morning (March 2011) travelling 750 kilometer from Saloum Checkpoint to Egypt. In addition, the Center has also been informed that Challenger Company employs 21 Thai workers altogether; 4 workers went on a vacation in Thailand before Libyan riot erupted; 2 workers left Libya’s Tripoli on March 4; 5 workers have travelled through Tunisian-Libyan border to take a flight back home; and 5 of workers are currently remained in Benghazi and expected to travel to Egypt through Saloum Checkpoint on 10 March 2011. The remaining 5 Thai workers have already contacted with the Ad Hoc Center.
                  So far, MOL has successfully evacuated 11,801 Thai workers from Libya since February 24; 7,531 of them having arrived in Thailand and 4,270 of them currently staying in hotels on Tunisian-Libyan border and are expected to return to Thailand by March 14.
                  Another 476 Thai workers are scheduled to arrive home today with 395 of them arriving from Dubai, 70 of them arriving from Turkey, and 11 of them arriving from Egypt. On 10 March 2011, another 335 are expected to arrive in Thailand from Dubai.