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Office of Labour Affairs, Brunei invites Thai workers/Thais to be educated on legal knowledge and practices

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              Office of Labour Affairs, Brunei, Royal Thai Embassy has scheduled the conference on enchaining legal knowledge and practices for Thai workers and Thai people working in KB, Syria on 31 January 2010 at 09.00 am-05.00 pm. at Canteen Veerayut, KB district ( Thai community area) which is anticipated that there would be 150-200 people attended. This project aims to enlighten Thai workers about legal issues since a number of law suits bringing against Thai workers have been increased due to ignorance of law, benightedness, and none of case study to lesson them how to practice. Therefore, when problems occurred, Thai workers often became defendant and then requested assistance from Office of Labour Affairs, Brunei and Thai Consulate General. Hence, Thai Consulate General hereby agrees to assign Office Of Labour Affairs ,Brunei to arrange the conference in order to enlighten on legal knowledge for Thai workers and Thais.
          In this regard, Office of Labour Affairs, Brunei prepares 1) to invite Thai Association Administrative Committee to be co-lecturer namely Mr. Visanu Sakdiyakorn, Mr. Watchara Nanda, Mr. Somboon Marayat 2) filing legal knowledge documents and stationary for all attendants 3) join up the interested person to apply for “labour volunteer” in order to raise Thai workers and Thais and to be intermediary in cooperating with government agency 4) publish information, news concerning enrollment for further study-non formal education, vocational training registration, etc. There will be foods and beverages with free of charge excellently supported and sponsored by Thai entrepreneurs in Brunei.
         Thai workers and Thais in Brunei are warmly invited to join the conference at abovementioned date and place.

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