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Office of Labour Affairs in Japan was graciously invited to attend IM Japan Orientation for the trainee batch of 23-09.

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According to the MOU between MOL and International Manpower Development Organization, Japan (IM Japan) on sending Thai trainees to be trained and to study Technology for SMEs in Japan since 1999. Therefore,   a batch of qualified candidates selected by Department of Employment will be monthly sent to be trained in Japan.

                       On 26 January, 2012 Ms.Chantana Boon-Arj, Minister Counsellor        (Labour) was graciously invited by IM Japan to give her recommendation on working and living in Japan for 31 Thai trainees; batch of 23-09. These trainees just arrive at the IM Japan Training Center, Motoyawata, Chiba located suburban Tokyo. In this regard, Mrs. Malee Wada, Assistant on overseas employment promotion, also attended the orientation; therefore, the detail of the orientation was concluded below;

                        1. There are 4 female trainees who qualified for the training at IM Japan which is the first time that IM Japan opening the opportunity for Thai women; therefore, special recommendation for these trainees is also conducted. Regarding the first session, Minister Counsellor ( Labour) had provided her sermon and recommendation for all trainees and after they were divided into subgroup, in particular special recommendation held for female trainees.

                        2. Minister Counsellor (Labour) had suggested all trainees that Office of Labour Affairs in Japan was a representative of MOL to collaborate with IM Japan to take care of the trainees for 3 year training program in Japan and in order to enable them achieving the program as well as bringing all knowledge and skills gained to develop the country pursuant to the objective of the program. In this regard, all trainees were reminded that they were the representative of Thailand and therefore, they should not make any trouble to the employer and Japanese society.