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Office of Labour Affairs in Malaysia strengthens labour market for Thai workers

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During March 8-11, 2012, Office of Labour Affairs in Malaysia held an oversea labour market promotion program at Mid Vallay Mega Mall’s Hall 3 in Kuala Lumpur, aimed at promoting popularity of Thai massage and Thai food and recognition of Thai skilled workers in these work fields.
The program, entitled “Thai Trade Show 2012”, was jointly organized by Thai Trade Center, Tourism Authority of Thailand, and Office of Labour Affairs, under the Royal Thai Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. At the event, visitors could shop and visit some 67 booths, held by 66 organizers including 53 Thais and 9 Malaysians.
The trade show featured Thai product displays, Thai traditional dancing and arts, and quiz competition. At the show, Office of Labour Affairs in Malaysia organized cooking demonstrations of Thai cuisine and Thai massage demonstrations.
The cooking demonstrations were given by Thai cooking specialists, professor assistant Srisamorn Kongpan, a member of National Skill Standard Committee on Thai Cook Level 1, and 2, and Mr. Pongarnan Sirisaengpriwan, a food specialist from Suan Dusit International Culinary School. CP Group Malaysia provided all the cooking ingredients.
Wave after wave of visitors came to watch the demonstrations and tasted various dishes of Thai food. The activities did not only give an opportunity for the visitors to taste Thai food but also to learn how to cook the food, which would help Malaysians, who are normally familiar with Thai food, know more Thai dishes.  Furthermore, the program helped Thai cook in Malaysia present their new menus in the Thai neighbor country.
The Thai massage demonstrations, meanwhile, was performed by Thai massage therapists from Pusat Urut Kaki Dan Tradisional Thai Som Chai Sdn. Bhd. Company BEA Therapy Sdn. Bhd. Company MCT International (M) Sdn. Bhd., and Company Thai Odyssey Group, four Thai massage parlors in Malaysia. Some six of them took turn each day to provide the service for visitors for around 10 minutes, for free of charge.  This helps Malaysians to get real experience and know Thai massage, which was expected to benefit Thai massage parlors in Malaysia. A lot of visitors queued up for the service during the three-day events.
The visitors were also given brochures of Thai dishes and Thai massage, which would help promote understanding of and popularity of Thai food and Thai massage.