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Office of Labour Affairs in Riyadh provided assistance to Thai labours in Libya at Egyptian-Libyan border, Egypt.

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           On 7 March 2011 at 5.00pm., Mr. Chaiyot Yousab, Minister Counsellor (labour) of Office of Labour Affairs in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), assigned by MOL to work with Royal Thai Embassy, has informed the assistance of Libyabased Thai workers at Thai workers Aid Center at Egyptian-Libyan border that over 2,000 Thai workers have already left Libya through a border of Egypt by land to Cairo and then boarded an aircraft to Thailand. Currently, some workers stranded in Libya and could not contact them. If their relatives can contact those remainders, please inform phone number of labour officers of Aid Center in Egypt at 0020 10033  5054 , 0020  10854  4902 or  +966 50 545 2721 in order to facilitate and assist them.