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Office of Labour Affairs, Malaysia facilitated 5 fishermen to return Thailand.

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The Royal Thai Embassy at Kuala Lumpur was informed a crash of Indonesia fishing vessel (THINDO MINA 1) collided with unknown cargo ship on 1 February, 2011   in the South China Sea within Malaysian territorial sea. According to the collision, there were 13 fishermen in fishing vessel; 5 Indonesians, 3 Burmese, and 5 Thai fishermen. Namely, (1) Mr. Pongsak Kasirak (Phangnga/U826400), (2) Mr. Pradub Chuaythong (Songkhla/ Z874670), (3) Mr. Amorn Punthong (Khon Kaen/U823175), (4) Mr. Manit Chaivej (Songkhla/ Z877124), and (5) Mr. Chatee Bhudhawongsa (Nong Khai). After the ship capsized, these fishermen had to spend 10 hours floating in the sea until rescued by the cargo ship of MAERSK LINE and sent them to the port of Tanjung Pelepas, Johor Bahru, Johor.

                        After notifying the accident to the Police station and relevant officials, 5 fishermen were sent to Kuala Lumpur to stay at emergency house in the Royal Thai Embassy as waiting for return to Thailand. Besides, the Embassy had advanced fund in the amount of 250 Ringgit (around 2,500 Baht) per person to other 4 Thai fishermen for the travel expenses in order to return Thailand.

                        Due to the unusual case, these people travelled without passports and they had only the report of Malaysian officials and SpecialPass; therefore, Office of Labour Affairs, Malaysia had assisted them by informing the Sadao Immigration Checkpoint, Songkhla, Ms. Sontaya Tipavaro to facilitate and coordinate with the officials of Malaysia Immigration. This assistance had brought those 5 Thai fishermen to return Thailand on 6 February, 2011 at 4.00 pm. In this regard, Songkhla Provincial Social Development and Welfare Office has facilitated and arranged to send these 5 fishermen back to their hometown.