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Office of Labour Affairs, Royal Thai Embassy, Berlin: Germany eases immigration restrictions – EU Blue Card

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Germany eases immigration restrictions




Germany eases immigration restrictions



       The German parliament has voted to make it easier for skilled workers from non-EU countries to work in Germany. The Blue Card, an EU-wide work permit, allows highly skilled applicants to seek work across the bloc.


       The Card can be issued to graduates from non-EU countries if they present an employment contract with an employer in Germany and earn more than €44,800 a year – down from €66,000 . The salary threshold is just under €35,000 for occupations already faced with a skills shortage, such as doctors and engineers.


        Blue Card holders will already be eligible for a settlement permit after 2 to 3 years. If holders of the Blue Card possess the necessary German language skills, they will be granted a permanent settlement permit for Germany after just 21 months. A right of residence for up to 6 months is to be introduced for foreign academics seeking employment.


       The German Act Implementing the EU Directive on Entry and Residence of Highly Qualified Workers brings far-reaching changes to the right of residence in Germany: for example, foreign students will in future be permitted to odd-job for 120 instead of, as previously, 90 days per year and, after graduating, they will be allowed to stay in Germany for 18 instead of 12 months to seek qualified employment. They may work without time limits during this search phase





Office of Labour Affairs, Royal Thai Embassy, Berlin

May 2012