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Official of the Office of Labour Affairs, Royal Thai Embassy in Tel-Aviv paid a visit to Thai workers injured from the battle in Israel.

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              On 2 April, 2012, Mrs. Aratchaporn Dhebhavalaya, Minister Counsellor (Labour) paid a visit and moral support to Mr. Saksiam Sengsawang, a Thai worker who was injured at his left shoulder by shrapnel propelled from the Gaza strip and falling down at Kibbutz Nakaoak in the afternoon of 8 January, 2012. After falling down, 3 Thai workers were injured, namely, Mr. Saksiam Sengsawang, Mr. Jumrat Bualiwan, and Mr. Therawat Boonmee. At present, Mr. Jumrat and Mr. Therawat had already returned to Thailand; however, only Mr. Saksiam stays over in the city since he has to receive continuous medical treatment after leaving the hospital and to claim for the compensation paid by the national social security. At the beginning, the Social Security Office considered that Mr. Saksiam was temporarily incapable at 43% and will be entitled to the compensation approximately 3,000 shekel a month while incapable of working until 31 March, 2012. However, Mr. Saksiam had appealed the physicians’ decision; therefore, he could not get back to Thailand since he had to present himself to the physician committee and receive the reconsideration of his disability. In this regard, Mr. Saksiam’s lawyer informed that the mentioned process will be held around April-May.