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Ongoing situation of Thai workers in Taiwan fiscal year 2553

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                                    Ongoing situation of Thai workers in Taiwan fiscal year 2553.

Thai workers in Taiwan, the situation in 2553 fiscal year.


                                    Ongoing situation of Thai workers in Taiwan fiscal year 2553.

Thai workers in Taiwan, the situation in 2553 fiscal year.




1. Overview of economy in Taiwan, 2552.

    1.1 years in 2552, Taiwan has experienced economic crisis in the financial as governments around the world.


Has made a total budget of more than 330,000 million Taiwan dollars. Measures to drive job creation of 167,000 positions in 2552 to resolve the Taiwan people’s unemployment rates lower.


Overall plan includes 3 plans include expanding domestic demand. Stimulate new economic plan. Construction and infrastructure mega projects such as construction projects 12 Taipei Metro lines. International Airport. Construction of Airport City Metro construction project in Taichung, etc. while trying to get Taiwan entrepreneurs. Return to investment in Homeland. The aim is to entice investment back up to 35,000 million in Taiwan this year and to mitigate impact on business operations of Small and Medium Enterprises  (SME) loans government measures in the interest rate for operations. business. Small and medium-sized (SME) in the amount of 300,000 Taiwan dollars (about 360,000 million baht) and for large amount of 600,000 million Taiwan dollars (about 720,000 million baht). 



    1.2 The Economist magazine unveiled on July 28, 2552 that added factor of the global economy is recovering. Resulting in economic growth, Taiwan, in 2552 minus 3 – 4% less than estimated.
Earlier this year. Expected negative 9% and the economy next year, Taiwan will be better. And a growth rate of 1% or more as a force of positive factors such as market demand in China.
And the signing of an agreement between the two sides ECFA Taiwan Strait. And global economic trends are more stable.


   1.3 Taiwan Economic Research Earnings Survey index of consumer confidence (CCI) on July 28, 2552 that confidence. Of a shrinking consumer long recovery from a 56.18 point.
Added 4.74 points, the highest increase in nearly a year. Shows that good economic conditions from Taiwan rose from the point.Minimum and especially of private consumption to recover the administrative Circuit retail wholesale food and beverage industry, electronics Nick Taiwan’s IT products, with order increasing more and more are expected throughout the year. This industrial electronics Nick’s will be approximately 1.4 trillion dollars, Taiwan, the year 2553 is estimated at 1.5 trillion dollars, Taiwan. Which will result. Labor demand increases significantly.


   1.4 According to the Ministry of Economy, Taiwan. Frumpy% in the first year of the year 2552 with increased investment. Industrial organizations in the area and for export. Especially at the start of July. Total investment reached 13,600 million Taiwan dollars. Total investment reached U.S. $ 26,800 million, representing Taiwan, 70 percent of the knapsack set is expected to increase employment opportunities for up to 4,700 positions by investment projects are concentrated mostly in Park software scratch war zone. Port Industrial Zone Tai So. Ping Industrial Zone Pudong. And industrial areas of time but Taag Niigg expected investment ิNew High Performance but not limited as a result of policy the benefits of government investment that operators start to New New to invest more and more increasing.


   1.5 Ministry of Finance, Taiwan has announced a number of export and import in June 2552 that a monthly export value of nearly U.S. $ 27 billion worth imported 1.52 billion U.S. dollars, which Epe a record for the past 8 months. Throughout half. This was the first Taiwan. Trade surplus of U.S. $ 15,500 over the same period of the year. That was nearly as much. As a measure of trends. That Taiwan’s exports improved, respectively. And imports are found to be an investment in such equipment. To business arenas more. Significantly.


   1.6 in 52 years, Taiwan government has turned crisis as an opportunity Epe 5 by measures stimulating the economy. Prepared to stimulate the economy and focus on care for the vulnerable in society. The government budget to Invest U.S. $ 8 billion in Taiwan for this. You% while others price in Taiwan started softening. Fungi are low, oil Cagm of Asia. The problems that the global financial crisis. Taiwan announced insured deposits associated ใธ Srinagar is the first country in Asia. The Citibank group announced the report in the world economy. 2009 that Taiwan has the ability to combat financial crisis Epe as part of the world’s No. 3 from the labor and pension public pension pillar 3 main government policies help banks. Banks help entrepreneurs. Operators to help workers. And distributed coupons to consumers. All this work is impressive.

     For government policy in 2552 among 5 focuses stimulating the economy. Care weak. Development personnel. Nature conservation. And security. In the fuel economy in the next 4 years will commit the government budget of $ 858,500 million Taiwan. Infrastructure development is divided into 500,000 million Taiwan dollars. Industrial development at $ 200,000, Taiwan. And distributed coupons to consumers at $ 85,700, Taiwan. Stimulate job creation at $ 42,700, Taiwan 21,600 million tax reduction Taiwan. And export market expansion program of $ 8,500 million Taiwan. Government budget to devote more than 800,000 million Taiwan. The aims Inc. MRI. Of the job that has more than 900,000 positions.
In 4 years, particularly projects promoting employment. Which will begin in 3 months in February 2552 onwards is expected to create 168,000 jobs to positions in the building of infrastructure will create 170,000 positions per year position.


    1.7 the impact of economic situation of a slump in job opportunities both. Of local and foreign workers in Taiwan. The statistics of the Labor Committee during the months December 2551 – January 2552 the number of foreign workers decreased to approximately 17,500 people during the August – November 2551 the number of foreign workers to pay  but not limited to small and New Forest. New ิ% reduction of 8216 people in December 2551 in the 16 years the number of foreign workers, down from the government every page. Limited to import foreign workers. In January 2552 the number of foreign workers, down another 9317 people make at the end of January 2552 there were foreign workers, nearly all the approximately 355,743 people as the number of foreign workers in 2550, which caused the number of foreign workers decreased. Because the main impact of industry production has decreased% export year 2551 Jennifer Ju-hsuan Wang, Taiwan, Chairman of Labor (CLS) has announced that it will reduce the number of foreign workers into Taiwan. of 30,000 at the end of the year 2552, though the Labor Committee has not implemented any number of foreign workers. Workers have been reduced to almost 20,000 in early 2552.


   1.8 Statistics from the CLS Taiwan authorities permitted to import foreign workers since 2536 the number of foreign workers to pay but not limited to New per year nearly 10,000 people every year and since the year 2551 with workers. Foreign increased more than 374,000 people to be alert level (alarming level) of the Labor Committee has scheduled.
CLS expects that trend to bring in foreign workers will continue to decline, but will begin to slow. Down in February 2552 from a number of foreign workers decreased in December 2551 – January 2552 shows that such workers as stomach if% ิ. Turned to work in the type 3 k are the more difficult (kitsui) dirty work (kitanai) and dangerous (kiken).


   1.9 Bureau of the Budget. Accounting and Statistics reveal that Taiwan’s unemployment rate also increased 0.28 percent in January 2522 making the total from last month in New segment is 5.31 percent, nearly the highest in 31 years the number of people in January 2552. No job in Taiwan increased Epe as 578,000 people in the highest 31 years of the 291,000 people who have been affected by its close / minimize. An increase from the month of December 2551 of 41,000 people, but the highest Taa year 2521 resulted in the unemployment picture in Taiwan’s total 1.26 million in January 2552 while the total employment of 10.30 million people have. there are approximately 87,000 long-term unemployed people in the highest in the last 5 years during the past 5 months have been others who You% compression from the exit from the business / reduce the size of 160,000 people due to global economic crisis. In this number 82,000 were in the manufacturing sector and 29,000 people in the construction sector. The left thousands in the service sector, retail, hotels, restaurants and 4 Taiwanese government has to bear less number of unemployed increased by planned that by the year 2552 to create 341,000 positions, which will work to reduce unemployment to below. 4.5 per cent this year.



   1.10 Committee of Labor, Taiwan (CLS) measures to stimulate job creation in the short-term government of 100,000 positions in the first half (2552) to help workers lack skills and crafts that have been affected by the environment. economic fall has ตํ่ work projects “to promote employment” has embarked on since mid-October 2551 The government has paid subsidies to the private sector to hire unemployed Gai Because the economy slump. Venue operators can not own more employment. Therefore, the Labor Committee.
Are measures to stimulate job creation in the short-term government, which is the expected benefit of 50,000 -100,000 people spent 10,000 million Taiwan dollars. Contribution to job creation



 2.Taiwan economic trends of 2553.

   2.1 Wu, Taiwan premier e-store. Digital targeting Taiwan Economic growth next year at least 4.39% based on figures from the estimates of the Economic Development Board and National Taiwan will focus on creating job opportunities in the increasingly revealing that the Prime Minister every page after the new government. position has faced many challenges. Since May-June last year to struggle with soaring world oil prices. In September, the financial tsunami. Cause economic slowdown. As the economic recovery is not true. Taiwan has also experienced major flooding in the last 100 years on August 8, 2552 from the past, but the government has implemented ใธ Srinagar guarantee deposits associated with the public. Expanding domestic demand. And help restore the full circumstances are made to maintain the base floor can also help the public trust. And to adhere to economic improvement is dedicated to the government. Stimulate the economy. Reduce unemployment. And promoting investments from the private sector, stating that the Central Bureau of Statistics and Accounting. Estimates that in 2553 Taiwan’s economy will grow at a rate of 4.39%, which all agencies will take 5 the growth rate is the minimum target. And Taiwan will jointly make economic growth more than 4.39%.