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Taiwan Economic Development Council proposes to ease the regulations on foreign worker employment in order to solve the labour shortage of the 3K industries.

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                Taiwan Economic Development Council considers that the current proportions of imported foreign workers, namely 5 levels; 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% and 35%, do not conform with the employers’ labour demands.The council was informed the concern over labour shortage by the employers that although there were plenty of purchasing orders they could not produce the products due to lack of workers. Thus, the labour-shortage problem should be urgently resolved.

                 In this regard, Taiwan Economic Development Council has proposed 2 alternative approaches; first, the job fairs should be organized for the companies or employers that are short of more than 30 workers and the employers’ labour demands should be closely followed up as well as increasing the information services for job seekers in order to enhance the job opportunities. Second, the permitted proportion of imported foreign workers should be adjusted to conform to the nature of each industry by lessening the regulations on employment, namely, each industry should be allowed to import different proportion of foreign workers, especially, the industries that are paid attention by the government on new investment and those business operators who receive new purchasing orders supported by the government.

                 Additionally, the Taiwan Economic Development Council points out since the working condition and environment of 3K industries is hard labour, dirty, and risky, it could not draw attention from Taiwanese people to work in the industries and they also have higher educational standard, thus, they do not prefer to work in 3K industries. Therefore, this is an important fact that should be placed importance on