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Taiwan set to oblige government and private agencies to recruit indigenous people proportioning to 1 percent of the entire number of their workforce

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                  Taiwanese Legislative Yuan has approved the 1st reading of the amendment of the Indigenous Peoples Employment Rights Protection Act. The Act will oblige government agencies, public school, public & private enterprises, organizations and school officials locating in the area which indigenous people do not reside in, to recruit indigenous people in proportioning to 1 percent of the entire number of their workforce.  A failure to comply with the law will result in a fine at the basic rate equivalent to the standard wage rate of NT 17,800$ per 1 shortage of indigenous person. For government agencies, public school and enterprises locating in the area where indigenous people reside in, they are obliged to recruit indigenous people in proportioning to 35 percent of the entire number of their workforce. Indigenous People Association expects that after the law comes into force, government and private agencies will be able to create employment opportunities to indigenous people to fill in for more than 100,000 positions.


                  Jian Dong-Min, MP from KMT party, who is responsible for the consideration of the Draft in the second reading, specifies that the Act is very crucial to the protection of indigenous people employment. Indigenous people should be trained so that they can work in all division of work as lawyer and doctor etc. It should not be like before when they were often recruited on temporary employment contract to work as security guard, driver and cleaner. ROC government shall be able to take concrete action once the Legislative Yuan approves the 3rd reading of the Act.