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Thai Labour at Kibbutz Kfar Etzion, Israel.

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                   On Friday 3 February, 2012 the officials of Labour Office of the Royal Thai Embassy in Tel Aviv went to visit thai workers at Kibbutz Kfar Etzion which is situated on Judean Mountain located between Jerusalem City and the City of Hebron in Gush Etzion Regional Council. There are approximately 400 people operating various businesses such as flower planting, cherry farm, and turkey farm.

                  There are 15 Thai worker hired in Kibbutz without any other foreign labour with good living condition, namely, each worker has its own bedroom and, equipped with bathroom, kitchen, and washing machine which are sufficient and well-maintained for the needs. Working in the Chicken farm, workers begin to work at 5.00 until 17.00 and working in the flower garden, workers have to begin at 6.30 until 15.30. Regarding the incomes, each worker has approximately 4,700-5,200 shekel a month, however, the employers would give a yearly payment 2,000 shekel after the harvest season. These workers have received their salary payment on time with full detail shown in the receipts, moreover, each worker will monthly receive 25 kg of rice bag without any deduction. In addition, these workers have clean- living environment because there is a weekly cleaning schedule set for each worker.

                  According to the visit, workers had some inquiries toward the compensation payment, and tax after the termination of employment contract. After the officials had clarified those concerns, they had provided the national flag, flag for celebration to the King, and sport equipment as moral support for Thai workers.