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Thai workers in Kibbutz Negba, Israel

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           On 4 February 2012, Labour Affairs of Royal Thai Embassy at Tel-Aviv went to visit Thai workers in Kibbutz Negba located in Central Region near Kiryat Malaski and Ashkelon under autonomous region of Yoav Regional Council having a population of 600 people run poultry farm, cattle farm and orchard such as avocado, olive, vegetable such as chili, carrot, barley and there are 2 plants.
          Upon arrival, it was found that Thai workers were cleaning their accommodation. There are 16 Thai workers working in Kibbutz. Most of them came from Northeast Thailand. They told that they had to work from 07.00am-05.00pm. and 07.00am.-03.00pm on Friday. They earn monthly income of ILS 4500. However, they said the employer had not given them pay slip showing the detail of their income and expense for several months and allowed the employees to request for advance payment of ILS1000 a month while they need the advance payment of ILS 1500. In addition, the recruitment agency also did not give pay slip to them. The officers therefore coordinated with Hayogev Men Power and Welfare Company Ltd., recruitment agency being in charge in Kibbutz to proceed further. Before departure, the officers delivered flag marking His Majesty the King’s Birthday  and sport gears to boost their moral