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The business of fish farm and date palm garden in Israel

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               On 22 January, 2011, Labour Affairs of the Royal Thai Embassy, Tel Aviv visited Thai workers working in fish farm and date palm garden at TiratTsvi, BeitShe’an.

  According to the business enterprise managed by Mr. Abnei, there are 18 Thai workers;   2 of those workers are responsible for fish farm and the remaining people are working in date palm garden. Regarding work schedule, they begin to work at 06.00 am – 5.00 pm and they usually get 2 hours of overtime pay on daily basis; therefore, the monthly salaries range between 2,000 – 7,000 Shekels.


 Regarding the size of fish farm, there are approximately more than 100 Rai where      there are different sizes of ponds ranging from small sizes for fingerlings to large sizes             for  big fish that can be put on the market. There are several types of fish in the farm such as    Sea Bass, Tilapia, Small Scale Mud Carp, Loach, and Carp. Undoubtedly, the traders will be ready to purchase when the fish have proper size enough to put on markets.
 About the location of date palm garden, it is located not far from the fish farm and there are approximately 78,000 trees which each bud of date palm is able to trade at the rate               of 200-300 Shekels. Likewise, one tree normally has 6-7 buds which will be cut for sell annually and the owner could sell fruits of the date palms at the rate of 280 Shekels per Kilograms.          In fact, one date palm could yield around 20 bunch and each bunch weights around 30 Kilograms.


 Due to the high earning of the employer, workers have received good salaries and welfares and at the time of the visit, the officials found that those workers had good living conditions as well as the mental health

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