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Deputy Labour Minister Says TOSH is Ready to Drive Workplace Safety Measures for the Thai Workforce

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          The Deputy Labour Minister spoke about the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, ready to drive policies to promote, resolve issues and support safety standards for sustainable safety in the workplace for all worker groups.

          Deputy Labour Minister Prof. Narumon Pinyosinwat spoke about the Thailand Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (TOSH), established on May 21, 2015, as a public organization under the Ministry of Labour’s supervision. The institute supports infrastructure for occupational safety, health, and working environment, to promote people looking after themselves to be safe and healthy in society, their community, and the nation. In addition, people will also develop a body of knowledge that suits their understanding and lead proper action, both in the prevention and being a non-hazardous individual. It also encompasses creating safety innovations in society to reduce the burden of family and society from injury, disability, or dismemberment from occupation.

          The Deputy Labour Minister said that TOSH has developed and transferred new knowledge to both public and private agencies to apply to people’s management and service. This will support the management system to reduce losses arising from dangerous work, both in terms of accidents and occupational diseases, which reduce the country’s burden to restore competency to workers who suffer from work hazards. It also aims to reduce the social impact arising from the loss of life and property, focusing on providing academic services on safety advisors, human resource development, and data collection to analyze the working environment. It also encompasses the analysis of issues and recommendations for the development of knowledge and promotes a culture of safety for both public and private agencies. It is a center for collecting statistical data to analyze trends and rank the risks of work as well.

          “The implementation of TOSH’s mission can only be accomplished through cooperation from all sectors, which must be aware of and attentive to workplace safety. Every stakeholder must be aware of the risks that could harm workers and strictly adhere to safety standards to push for safety concretely. The efforts will also reduce the losses incurred to the workers, businesses, and the country’s overall economy sustainably. For agencies wishing to receive services from the TOSH, they can contact or ask for more information at 02-4489111,” concluded the Deputy Labour Minister.


Division of Public Relations
6 November 2020