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Gen. Adul satisfied with the registration of foreigners 96%, with a plan to handle the record of 3.5 hundred thousand people

President of the Labor wives Association led the Association and took a train to trace the history. “Love and Harmony Sharing Thai Tradition “

Ministry of Labor monitored the registration of foreign workers, the last day of the OSS Center and the online system

Gen. Adul visited young labor force in Nakhon Phanom, happy young people intend to work during school holidays

Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Labor confirmed online system can support all migrant workers report

The final OSS Center, the Ministry of Labor, ordered the stuff to complete until the last person

Gen. Adul urged! In the case of accident, the Myanmar workers died 20 bodies to be granted the legal rights

Gen. Adul and the Minister of Labor of Myanmar inspected the OSS to expedite the verification of the labor force

“Permanent Secretary of Labor” urged the inspectors to increase the efficiency of the OSS

The Ministry of Labor held a public hearing on draft fisheries labor legislation.

The Ministry of Labor organizes a meeting to promote and improve the quality of life for the disabled

Ministry of Labor, The 20th Meeting of the Wage Committee, 1/2018

Permanent Secretary for Labor welcomed the Israeli Ambassador to Thailand to discuss official issues

Gen. Adul announced the results of scanning the alien iris, accelerated reports online or nationwide on 31 March 2018

Gen. Adul ordered to investigate and help the victim who was tricked into a fishing boat

Gen. Adul receives CP items for 24-hour OSS staff.