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Gen. Adul received Flowers from Thai Labor Reconciliation Board Thanks for helping to end the labor problem at Mitsubishi

Foreign workers gladly the cabinet allowed to return home during Songkran, approval of Fisheries Law Protection Act

The Ministry of Labor cooperates with the public to create careers for inmates and to restore good people to society

The Ministry of Labor convenes to increase the potential of low income people

Ministry of Labour drives healthy and safety at work, navigates EEC area

EU admits Thai registration of foreigners and promotes labor rights under law

Gen. Adul reveals reports of aliens through the site on the first day of continuous shifts

Gen. Adul emphasized! foreign workers can register online

Ministry of Labor was to the area of Samut Sakhon. Open forum for discussion of draft fisheries workers

Gen. Adul opened OSS Center 24 hours “Repeat” does not extend

Minister Kobsak met The Ministry of Labor to join the Future of Job as a Big Data on the profession and the labor market

Repeat! The new Labor Ministry must be a good government officials and dedicated to the collective

Gen. Adul revealed that EJF appreciates and praises Thailand as a leader in organizing migrant workers in the region

The National Skill Competition Youth won the award before the training session prepared to compete in the ASEAN Games this Aug 31

Big Woo urges foreign workers to settle their complaints and urged employers to accelerate their work permits

The governor of Ranong urged the employers to bring migrant workers to register at the OSS before March 31, reiterated the overcrowding