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Ministry of Labour organize meetings of the State Enterprise Labor Relations Committee

Thai Chamber of Commerce discusses Permanent Secretary Labor Relations Act BE…

Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Labor gave “Money gift bag to encourage” security guards on New Year’s Day

Gen. Adul holds good before Songkran, let the government water the blessing and clean up the Ministry

Department of Labor and Employment reiterate the Marine Fisheries Employer to comply with the new law and provide communication equipment to employees

Ministry of Labor revealed! Thailand secretly smuggled to South Korea

Ministry of Labour organized training workshop Labor inspectors at PIPO center 22 coastal provinces

Ministry of Labor convened for the Royal Decoration in 2018

Gen. Adul opened the first center in Mukdahan, trained foreign workers before working in Thailand

Ministry of Labor discusses measures to reduce the impact of entrepreneurs after the minimum wage

“Permanent Secretary of Labor” reveals the establishment of the EEC area requires most labor-intensive production

Gen. Adul prepares to welcome Lao Minister of Labor to visit Thailand, tighten cooperation to organize labor

Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labor talk ed about safety, justice, women migrant workers’ rights, opportunities in ASEAN

Ministry of Labor joined the Civil Servant Day, 2018

Ministry of Labor cooperates in all sectors to send labor back home safely during Songkran

Gen. Adul orientation youth labor force to prepare youth to enter the market