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According to the Malaysian Immigration Department, illegal foreign workers were abducted started on July 1, 2560

Ministry of labor satisfied the results of the nationality of Chiang Mai. Thai government takes care of all workers as customers

Resolution of the Cabinet approved the new wage adjustment in 2018 with mitigation measures from all parties to adjust wages.

Warning! Thai workers should enter Malaysia legally

Ministry of Labor let the Ministry of Labor accelerate the work to see concrete results

Ministry of Labor and Ambassadors of Belgium discuss the social security

“Big Wu” ordered a follow-up wage impact. Entrepreneurs urge workers to increase production value

Gen. Adul went to Chiang Mai area to strengthen the labor force to target industry

Ministry of Labour Organize executive seminars to professional managers to upgrade the Ministry to international standards

Ministry of Labor invites to comment on the Draft of the Prevention and Elimination of Labor Force or Labor Act BE …

Ministry of Labour congratulated on the 60th anniversary of Channel 5

Ministry of Labour Participated in the Colombo Process Thematic Area Working Group in Colombo, Sri Lanka

People with disabilities raise minimum wage

Ministry of Labour welcomed Deputy Mayor Vissanu as guest speaker on the project Executive Seminar of Ministry of Labor

Gen. Adul develops the Ministry of Labor, Enters Professional Management And hope to be the ASEAN Ministry of Standards