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Department of Labor Protection and Welfare unveiled progress to help misery workers. The employer has paid the wages

Department of Labour Protection and Welfare let all discuss the ways to add ATM for fishing labor

Department of Labor Protection Welfare ordered employers and employees focus on prevention of work accidents

Opens two more OSS centers in Bangkok on March 2

Minister of Labor is concerned Labor was deceived escaping the South Korean hacking tour

Ministry of Labor stresses that employers bring foreign workers to health check-ups before entering the OSS

Gen. Adul trained high tech people to enter mega projects

Opened, OSS Center has made history and requested work permits of Cambodian, Laos, Myanmar workers

Ministry of Labor Accelerating the verification of foreign nationality, focus on integration, focus on efficiency, convenience, speed, transparency, timeliness

The Ministry of Labor has handed over the policy of the head of the Overseas Labor Offices, reaffirming their dependence on Thai migrants

Ministry of Labour Listen to stakeholder feedback. Draft law on prevention and elimination of threshold labor and forced labor

According to the Malaysian Immigration Department, illegal foreign workers were abducted started on July 1, 2560

Ministry of labor satisfied the results of the nationality of Chiang Mai. Thai government takes care of all workers as customers

Resolution of the Cabinet approved the new wage adjustment in 2018 with mitigation measures from all parties to adjust wages.