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The Department of Labor Protection and Welfare encourages employers to create drug-resistant immunity for employees

Gen. Adul opens house for UN Opportunity to expand cooperation to protect labor rights protection against trafficking

Ministry of Labour Congratulations to the National Children’s Day 2018 at the Ministry of Education

The Labor Ministry ordered to look after Myanmar’s labor rights that wages were deducted more than the law says.

Department of Labour Protection and Welfare supported child care center in the establishment, the cabinet resolution to reduce the tax

Department of Labor Protection and Welfare prepares to draft the informal labor law, emphasizes promotion and development

The Department of Labor Protection and Welfare provides low interest loans to employees and state enterprise employees

Minister of Labor made merit to dedicate a charity to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Myanmar Labor Minister meets with Director General of Department of Labor Protection and Welfare discuss the protection of employees’ rights under labor law

Inviting businesses around the country to participate in the selection of safety

The Labor Ministry’s Special Lecture on Police 4th grade, class 71

Children’s Center in Nakhon Pathom opened for Early Childhood in Jan 2018

Ministry of Labor promotes potential personnel using GLP to Care Whole Workers

The State Enterprise Labor Federation visited the Labor Permanent Secretary

“Gen. Adul” drives the establishment of a small child center and protects women’s rights