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Deputy Prime Minister warns that March 31, 2018 free foreign workers illegally and the understanding of legal labor continues

Thailand – IOM develops collaboration to promote legal labor protection of international standards

Permanent Secretary for Labor attended practical seminars for heads of government agencies, ministry level

The Department of Labor Protection and Welfare has strengthened its “Safety Officer” eastern region, accelerates the development of a strong network

Thai-Myanmar held academic meeting, both sides agreed to set up a mobile team to the area with a lot of labor

The Ministry of Labor reiterates Thailand’s workforce abroad to inform the Department of Employment after being found tricked into prostitution in Lebanon

Department of Labor Protection and Welfare suggests employers to provide welfare benefits to all employees

Social Security invites insured people to go a dentist 900 baht / person / year within 31 Dec before losing the right to 60 years

Department of Labor Protection improves the knowledge of labor inspectors to enhance the effectiveness of informal labor protection

Permanent Secretary of Labor ordered Department of Foreign Affairs to facilitate mobility and speed

Social Security SMS notification of paid contributions. “Help the insurer, Section 39” 28,008 people do not end the insurance

Be careful to be fooled by construction work claiming good money at Myanmar

Ministry of Labour outsourcing jobs in 2017 focuses on proactive work through civilian state machinery

Social Security Hotline 1506 full service with advice and inquiries

Ministry of Labour considered annual budget expenditure office of the Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Labour Employee Welfare Fund Board Meeting