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Department of Labor Protection called the Government House Builder to investigate this Monday. If it is found to be illegal, it will be processed immediately

Permanent Secretary of Labor gave policy to the heads of the northern government.

Gen. Adul revises the National Identity Center Find more services and spend less time

Laos opens Nationality Certification January 8, 2018. Get ahead of the queue now

Ministry of Labor and Cambodian Ministry of Labor accelerated nationality verification

Ministry of Labor accelerates Thai children to study in trade schools to support for labor demand

Ministry of Labour launches project to increase labor productivity to SMEs 4.0. Focus on increasing labor productivity to Thailand 4.0

Social Security provides insured persons with disabilities get the right treatment today!

Thai Labour Solidarity Committee met Ministry of Labor to follow up the increase in minimum wage

Ministry of Labour monitored the work progress of Certificate of Identity (C.I) extend the timeframe to verify the citizenship

Deputy Prime Minister presides over the signing ceremony of PCAC

The employer has paid to 39 Myanmar workers for a total of 1.5 million

Children’s Center, Sirindhorn Royal College Samutprakarn is open for early childhood in January 2018.

The Department of Labor Welfare will organize the “International Women 61” in the concept of “Digital Economy”

Cambodian opens proof of nationality on January 3, 2018, employers and laborers have been granted custody since December 25

Department of Labor Protection and Welfare hired foreign interpreter to help with labor inspection at PIPO center