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The labour Ministry supported “Healthy and Safety Thailand ” for Decent Work and SDGs

Department of Labor Protection Promote employee-to-employer relationships get ready to handle with AI

EU appreciates the Ministry of Labor for continuous improvement of labor protection

Warning! Job seekers beware of being tricked into spa massage in Russia After finding that the employer does not pay

Mr.Jarin Jakkaphak Permanent Secretary of Labour emphasized the staff must understand the policy and strategy of the organization that our goal is the benefit of the people.

Ministry of Labor visited and encouraged trainees to upgrade their skills and skills

Department of Labor welfare received Gen. Adul policy to protect workers thoroughly

Department of Labour Protection and Welfare reveals the situation is not worrisome and likely to improve

Labour Ministry Gen ADul Sangsingkaew formed “Working Group” to study 12 issues from the Joint Standing Committee on Commerce Industry and Banking.

Labour Ministry Gen Adul Saengsingkaew helped 51 overseas job seekers

Department of Labor Protection and Welfare created a personal executive Improve the quality of workforce, along with the development of labor productivity

The Ministry of Labor provides the policy to the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare to emphasize the potential of people

Department of Labor Protection invites export employers take on the role of social responsibility in labor

The Department of Labor Protection is concerned about safety during the New Year advised employers to take precautionary measures

The Ministry of Labor ordered the whole system to prepare all labor groups for sustainable development

Gen. Adul accelerated the improvement of the center of foreign citizenship: convenience, reduce congestion, and free brokerage