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Labour Minister Assigns Advisor to Monitor Progress of Migrant Worker Online Registrations and Encourages Staff on Duty in Phetchaburi

Labour Minister Meets on Improving Migrant Worker Management Practices Following Cabinet Resolution on December 29, 2020

Labour Minister Assigns Secretariat to Visit and Encourage Medical Personnel, Providing Facilities and Equipment to Prevent Covid-19 in Chonburi

Migrant Workers of Three Nationalities Under Exemption Criteria Following Cabinet’s Resolution Can Register Online Starting Today

MOL Shares Good News On Free Training and Scholarship in “Elderly Care” Guaranteeing a Job

MOL Joins Conference to Monitor Progress of Covid-19 Situation Coordination Centers

MOL Advisory Board Accepts Claims to Help Informal Workers Amid Covid-19

MOL Meets with Center for the Covid-19 Situation Administration

Labour Minister Presents Policies on Budgeting Expenditures for 2022

MOL Meets on Big Rock Project to Develop Integrated National Manpower Management System

Labour Minister Assigns Secretariat to Clarify Conditions of Co-Payment Project to Accelerate Process

MOL Labour Welfare Committee Meets