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Labour Minister Assigns Advisor to Commence Workshop on Building a Career Guidance Network

Labour Minister Responds to APEC Agreement and Accelerates Training for Oil Well Drillers to Send Thai Workers to Saudi Arabia

Labour Minister Shows Concern for Bombing in Narathiwat Police Flat and Instructs SSO to Support Injured Insured Persons

Labour Minister Assigns Assistant Minister to the PM Office Performing Duties for the MOL to Give Encouragement to the Family of a Deceased Insured Person in Chachoengsao Province

Labour Minister Joins ‘Yung Mee Rao Foundation’ and Royal Thai Navy in Presenting the ‘Street Art King Bhumibol’ Project in Chonburi

Labour Minister Assigns Advisor to Lead Five Labour Leaders in Community Training Program to Strengthen the Grassroot Economy

Labour Minister Assigns Permanent Secretary to Visit the Thai Massage Booth at APEC On the Last Day

Labour Minister Assigns Advisor and Spokesperson to Visit Thai Massage Booth and Report Positive Responses Beyond Expectation with Over a Thousand Service Users Already

Labour Minister Visits Thai Massage Booth and Reports International Media’s Appreciation for Massage and Relaxation Services at APEC

Labour Minister Takes PM Orders to Provide 1.2M Baht in Compensation to Support the Employee Who Lost Organs from Performing Work Duties

Permanent Secretary Joins the Opening of the “Healthy Air Forum 2022”

Labour Minister Delighted to See Many Foreign Press at APEC Meetings Using Thai Massage Services

Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour Joins Investment Subcommittee Meeting

Labour Minister Instructs Intense Training of Thai Masseuses to Prepare for the APEC Press

Labour Minister Assigns Spokesperson to Lead Wall Painting Team to Support the ‘Street Art King Bhumibol’ Project

MOL Offers Royal Robes and Contributions to the Royal Tuition Scholarship Projects for Thai Monks for 2022